Oslo marathon? Not this year.

Today it`s the big running day here in Oslo. The yearly marathon is today, and unlike last year I`m not running it. 😦 I`ve was going to, but this summer I realised that it would be waaaay too much. A new fulltime job as manager, the opera and Carmen,and all my other things on the to-do … Continue reading

The Prince of Persia

Jake Gyllenhaal has never been my cop of tea, but helluuuuu. When I so the poster last year of him as the prince of Persia I suddenly changed my mind. 😛 I`ve played “The Prince of Persia” many times, it`s so fun. And I think the digital character jumping all over the screen was hot. Jupe. … Continue reading

My top 10 Women

There are many beautiful people on this planet. But for me, it`s also important to have something extra. The top 10 women I`ve chosen are talented, smart and strong women. Beauty ain`t everything, but my gadd they`re pretty.

LUV IT: iPhone

Finally. Well, I say “finally” like it`s something I`ve wanted for years. Maybe not for years, but for the last 6 months I`ve wanted it. I bought a touchscreen from Nokia. And it`s perfectly fine, but hala´! iPhone rules. And it`s mine, my own, my precious. There`s all sorts of stuff this phone can do. Even … Continue reading

New project: My old, danish closet

My dad shipped this wonderful, old closet (in danish called karlekammerskap) to me in August. Since then I`ve had the privilege of renewing the beautiful cabinet from the 19th century. Yey. In Denmark people who worked as servants was given an furniture to hold all their precious belongings. The men had a cabinet and the … Continue reading

I`ve started to paint (again)

My friend Anniken and I have started a new tradition. We`re gonna paint  at least on one sunday a month! She`s an educated painter and artist, and  I`m not anything close to a painter… But I do enjoy it, even if the reasult ain`t what i aimed for. Lol. I haven`t painted and been drawing for … Continue reading

Sarah Brightman on America`s got talent

To make the song even more special the talented little girl got Sarah Brightman on her side while singing “Time to say goodbye”. I`m almost jealous, but like at that wonderful little girl!

LUV IT! Charlie the unicorn

  I just love the youtube-hit “Charlie the unicorn”, it`s funny, stupid and sarcastic all at the same time. Who can not love this negative horse? People without humour I suppose. 😛      

Baby bunnies -I want them all

I always run to the different pet shops, to buy food to Alvin and Buster (OF COURSE), but also to look at the cuuuuuute baby bunnies. You have no idea how much I want them all. It doesn`t help to look at all the pretty pictures at the dailybunny.org Two is enough, right?

I <3 Strawberrynet

Why do I always forget about this wonderful online shop? It`s so much cheaper and better than any of the make-up stores here in Oslo. At least cheaper. Well, I`m on fire these week when it comes to shopping. I have a lot I need, okay? 😛 Strawberrynet has almost every brand you need, but … Continue reading