Alvin Speaks Out

Hi! I`m Alvin. My mother is typing this for me, because I want all of you to get to know the real me.  It`s time for me to speak  and get things straighten out. Once and for all. The two best things I like to do, is sleep and eat. It probably would be three … Continue reading

Hunk of the Week: Mads Mikkelsen

Name: Mads Dittman Mikkelsen, known as Mads Mikkelsen Date of birth: 22.09.1965 From: Copenhagen, Denmark My first time discovering Mads Mikkelsen was watching him in “Pusher” from 1996, and “Rejseholdet” (Unit 1) in 2000. After that it was done. He was a hunk! I started watching him on telly in Denmark, as I went home … Continue reading

J`Adore Dior

I don`t buy any of the cosmetics from Dior anymore, not until they stop testing on animals. So I`ll guess I am a hypocrite for having the accessorize. But… it`s so pretty… 😦 Look at my new beautiful purse, I just had to take a picture of it next to my Dior sunglasses. ❤

Edith Piaf -Carmen`s Story

In these Carmen times, the director recommended this song by Miss Piaf as inspiration for us. And I just simply love it! I have a couple of albums by Piaf, but have never heard this one before.  I just have to share it, I`m probably not the only one who hasn`t heard it. The intensity and … Continue reading

Agora (2009)

I loved the idea of Agora. Since I have a B.A. in History of Art, and been studying Archeology, I love the ancient world. Roman, greek and most of all egyptian. Therefor, I loved the storyline to Agora. to bad I fell a sleep… The plot: It`s set in Alexandria, Egypt. 391 A.D. -Roman Egypt. … Continue reading

Fashion Icon: Dita von Teese

The worlds most famous fashonista is not the one seeking the new trends, but takes inspiration from the past.

Carmen 2010

Må har jeg vært med på Oslo operafestival siden det startet i 2006. Det har vært mange lærerike og morsomme år med Kulturentusiasten. Og for andre år på rad, skal jeg være med i en opera. Sist var det La Traviata, og nå er det tur for Carmen! Carmen er verdens mest berømte og elskede … Continue reading

Oslo Fashion Week 2010

All in all, so far 2010 has been a blessing in many ways. I`ve been invited to so many fun events. Yeah believe it or not, little Oslo have bits of glamour at times. Wiii! Anyways, it started early in February when I was invited to the promo-party H&M had in cooperation with their Sonia … Continue reading


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Fantastic shoot from Kylie & team

Kylie Minogue has released a new album this, Aphrodite. I want to buy the album, just so I can look at all the great pictures. Yes, it`s another shoot I simply love, the cover is one of the best I`ve ever seen. The album is fun and playful, very Kylie, but what I adore is … Continue reading