Alvin Speaks Out


I`m Alvin. My mother is typing this for me, because I want all of you to get to know the real me.  It`s time for me to speak  and get things straighten out. Once and for all.

The two best things I like to do, is sleep and eat. It probably would be three things, but I`m nuderd! 😦 The things I like to do after eating and sleeping -a lot, is getting to the forbidden places in my home. My mother quickly runs after me and chases me back into the living room. Like that`s gonna stop me. Hah. But sometimes she can stop me, she puts me in my cage and closes the gate. 😦 Yeah! She`s pure evil at times. If I want to sleep, I`ll let it pas, of not, I let her know by making a lot of noice! In your face mum.

I`m everyones favourite, well me mum don`t have a favourite (she says I`m her best boy, but come on, I`m the only boy!). The reason for my popularity amongst friends, is my cute butt, and my friendly nature. My mum loves to cuddle with me, and I let her -sometimes. Touching my soft fur is a privilege not a right!

I hear people visiting us are calling me fat, how rude! I`m not even close to fat, I`m big boned, okay? It`s not fair comparing me to Lucy Buster (that`s my wife). Of course she is smaller than me, she is a girl.

I can also inform you people, that living with two women sometimes is a nightmare. Have you guys ever noticed that sometimes they have moodswings? Buster is without a doubt the worste, but mother… Mother claims to be tired at times, and suddenly looses patience. Just because I bit some wires she “needed”. I do not believe her. They are bad, I just know it, I`m trying to save our home, but nooooo. 😦

Once in a while I smell chocolate, but mother do not want to share! So I`ll  jump on the sofa and to the table, and I eat hers. I`m the super-bunny!  When mum sees this she goes mental. Like for real.  She says it`s  bad for bunnies, but how can something bad taste so good? And why can she eat it, and not I? I don`t believe her. Either does Buster….

That`s all for now.

Pows and love,


5 Responses to “Alvin Speaks Out”
  1. The Geekess says:

    Awwww…. Alvin er så søt! ❤

  2. Akira says:

    Han ekke feit! Han er bare supernusseligdusseligsøøøøøøøt! 😀

  3. Akira says:

    Tenkte meg det ja! 😉

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