I introduce to you all: Norway!

Last-last week my dad and stepmum came to visit me from Denmark. As always, we wanted to do something special. And this time we went to Vestfold (where my mum lives), but before we visited any of my norwegian family, we visited the “end of the world”.

In Tjoeme there is a place called “Verdens Ende” which means “the End of the world”. Why it`s called that is because of some boatmen many, many years ago and blablabla. Anyways. Look at this amazing place, this shows Scandinavias beautiful sea-landscape, archipelagos.

After beeing at the end of the world we had one stop more,Toensberg. The town I`m from. We went to “Slottsfjellet”, which means the mountain with the castle. It`s only a leftover, and the only thing left (except ruins) is the tower. It`s from the end of the Viking-era. “Baglere” as they were called was from Toensberg, that also happens to be Norways oldest city. It`s over a 1000 years old. The harbour in Toensberg is also very nice.

Here are the pics:

2 Responses to “I introduce to you all: Norway!”
  1. The Geekess says:

    Neida, jeg har ikke fått ny blogg. Det er den første som ble opprettet med feil navn. Jeg har slettet den nå og endret lenken i navnet mitt når jeg kommenterer, slik at du kommer til rett blogg 🙂

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