Celebs who look alike -Male Version

Haven`t you`ve ever got the feeling that you have seen that actor before, checked him out on imdb and realized “no I haven`t”? Well, one of the reasons why celebs can fool you is because so many of them look exactly the same. Well, almost. Here  are some male celebs that easily could play brothers in a movie.

Chad Smith and  Will Ferrell

Adrien Brody and Artyom Tkachenko

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry vs Mr Bean

Jim Caviezel I think looks soooo much like Mr. Bale. Specially on the cover of Outlander

Barack Obama vs Ilham Anas

Bradley Cooper vs Ralph Fiennes

Eric Dane vs Leonardo Dicaprio

Ewan McGregor vs Kenneth Branagh

Jason Lewis vs Til Schweiger

Jeffrey Dean Morgan vs Javier Bardem

John Cusack vs Mattew MacFadyen

Josh Harnett and Rafael Nadal

Britney`s ex Kevin Federline and actor  Eric Balfour

Matthew Bellamy vs Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli looks more like  Christian Bale

Steve Zahn vs Colin Firth

Vin Diesel and Dorian Gregory

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