Buster`s story


Well, now you`ve heard from my husband Alvin. He thought it would be a good idea if i let mum intrduce me as well.

I`m Lucy Buster, but people call me Buster. Yes, I KNOW it`s guys name. I didn`t name me, mother did. Both my names are from songs me mum likes. Lucy is from “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” by The Beatles. Buster is from the songs “Buster” by Nanna. Buster`s world was a danish tv-serie from when my mum was a child.

Why Buster? Well, mother looked for a bunny boy, so she could call him excactly that. The people in the Pet store told her I was a boy, but when she was about to pay for me, they notced it… Stupid humans. When she found out it was too late, I was already her number one bunny, -I`m black with gray pows! I`m so pretty!

I`m her princess, sometimes she forgets that, and I have to show her who is the boss, I mean princess. My mum always wants to cuddle and hold me, but rarely at times I want to. Sometimes I need space.

It took a while before Alvin came into our lives. But we couldn`t be without him. Mother says we are all a little family. I agree. As long as they don`t forget who is the head of this “la familia”.

Mother always wants me to go to bed. Bossing me around like that. How rude! I`m not like Alvin, I don`t wanna sleep all the time, or eat. Unless it`s wires, or important paper. I love to eat my mums bills. In a way, I think she likes it too. She`s never happy when she gets one of those paper-bills…

Well. That`s all for now.

-Princess Boss


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