Review: Enrique Iglesias -Euphoria

As you may know if you just scroll a little bit down this blog, I really love, love, love “I like it” by Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.

Euphoria was an album I wanted to love just as much, but sadly the best song is “I like it” the rest of the album is a downer. He tries to save it by adding artist as Nicole Scherzinger (lead vocalist in Pussycat Dolls), Usher and Akon. But nooooo… The songs doesn`t grab you the same way as the hit single does. Why is it always like that? Why can`t there be an album were every song is a masterpiece?

It`s not crap either, don`t get me wrong, but his ninth studio album could be more like the hit single…I have the Enrique-fever, but for now my ears only want to hear “I like it”. Sorry Enrique, but still feel free to marry me. I`m free any time of the week, just for you. 🙂


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