Ghita Nørby -Denmarks leading Lady

A young Ghita Nørby

Ghita Nørby was my first look and experience with a true film star, I watched her years before I discovered icons like Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.

She was born in Copenhagen in 1935 and has been involved in more than a 100 movies. Her spirit and talent are truly captivating. Her delicate features, combined blond hair and brown eyes made her a national treasure. There`s no doubt she has lived life to the fullest. She lived many years in Torino with her husband at the time Dario Campeotto, the father f her only child. In old movies she was often paired with Ebbe Langbjerg. I loved watching them in a romantic comedy.

When I saw her long list of “filmography” at imdb, I realze that I`ve seen almost everyone of her movies, from the debut in 1956 up till now. I never get tired of Ghita. She`s still active as an actress on the telly as well as theatre, and is to me, Denmarks only real diva. I simply can not do anything but admire her life, work and beuaty. There`s a reason why the fantastic Ghita Nørby is known as the first Lady of Danish cinema.

Ghita Nørby in the sixties




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