What to see in Oslo -The Highlights

Want to see the capital in Norway? Well, Oslo is to many tourists a “little” town (read american tourist). But of course it is little when you compare it to cities like New York, Sydney etc.

Oslo has an old history, but you need to go to the right places to get the full Oslo-experience. I`ve lived close to Oslo my whole life (almost) and lived in this city for the last five years.

Here are some of the things you should not miss out on:

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

Every european capital has a royal castle (well most have) and even though ours look like a big yellow cheese. It`s easy access and fun to see it. If the flags on top it means the royalties are “in” and in spring/summer the queens garden is open. Also parts of the palace is open for tourist in July/August.

Karl Johan

Karl Johan

Oslo`s biggest walking street. Here you`ll find shops, restaurants and shopping malls. And at the end of the street you`ll hit the Royal Palace.

Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge

Not far from Karl Johan (good thing about Oslo, most things are very close) you`ll see the harbour Aker brygge. Here there are many ferries that takes you to “Hovedøya” and other places, if you like. Aker brygge has many fine restaurants and a very classy shopping mall.

Akershus Festning

Akershus Festning

That`s our castle from back in the days (1300-century), in the castle there is historical rooms and dark dungeons, it`s all very Medieval and cool. The view from Akershus festning is also wonderful, and is right next to Aker brygge.

National Gallery

The National Gallery

Well, with traveling you always have to see some of the culture and art from the country you`re visiting, right? Well, the National gallery is a wonderful place. It shows some the most famous and talented norwegian painters, as Edvard Munch and Christian Krogh. But also includes paintings by Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso.

The Culture Historical Museum

The Cultural Historic Museum

Right across The national gallery you`ll find the Cultural historical museum. At the ground floor there are remainings from the viking age and medival days in Norway. 1st and 2nd floor shows you a mummy from Egypt, and many remains from the ancient world, as the roman and greek.

The New Opera House

Oslo Opera House

The award vinning design team at Snøhetta did it again. They created a masterpiece with it`s original and fantastic architecture. Everything is considered to the new opera house in Oslo. Tourist are always seeking this white marbour near the docks. To make it even more special, why not dine, wine at the opera. And later see a play like Tosca?

The Tiger

The Tiger in Oslo

Tigerstaden (the tiger town) is one of Oslo`s nicknames. Why? Mostly because of our tiger sculptur you find right outside the central station. It always fun to take pictures of it and sit on it`s tale. Yeah, we are wild up her in the north…

The Vigeland Park and Museum


The Vigeland Park

Norways most brilliant sculptur and arch enemy to Edvard Munch. The Vigeland park is truly amazing. It`s big, extravagant and artistic. You wouldn`t wanna miss this. And finally something a little “outside” Oslo, take the tube to Majorstua and, taaada. You find it soon. Click here for a virtual tour.


Holmenkollen -Oslo

See the fantastic view and eyecathing element in Oslo. Holmenkollen is one of Norways most visited tourist attraction and a famous sporting arena world wide. The ski jump and is one of the most modern ski jumps. If you`re in to sports or great views. Go visit Holmenkollen! (NB! There`s only snow at Holmenkollen when it`s winter, Norway is not, I repeat not the North Pole).

Oslo has many big and small treats, there is beautiful nature, urban life and artistic places you wouldn`t wanna miss. These I presented are the most obvious must-see highlights. Enjoy your stay, velkommen!

Other museums I recommend:

Fram Museum


Fram Museum:Explores the story and lifes behind the norwegian polar expeditions. Norwegians know their way to the North Pole. Funny architecture and fun museum.

The Munch Museun


Munch Museum: Edvard Munch is wihout any doubt Norways biggest painter. His works like “Madonna” and “The Scream” is well known pieces. A interesting museum, that shows not only his many painting and works. But the man behind the mask.

The Ibsen Museum


Henrik Ibsen Museum: Here you`ll be guided in the old home of Henrik Ibsens. Ibsen was the mastermind behind A Dolls House from 1879. He lived like all artist a very intersting life.


Samtidsmuseet: Provocative art, the National museum has several departments scattered around Oslo, in “Kvadraturen” you`ll find contemporary art. Mostly from Scandinavian artists, but that changes from season to season.

Architectural Museum


Architectural Museum: Right next to the old norwegian bank, that are Samtidmuseet today, we`ll se museum for architecture. How interesting this is variates from season to season. But worth a look, here you`ll need a guide, or it would be boring! Trust me.

2 Responses to “What to see in Oslo -The Highlights”
  1. Sjur says:

    It seems to me that you have forgotten all about Oscars Hall(newly re-opend for the public again) and Norsk Folkemuseum at Bygdø.. 😉 In edition to the botanic garden(in spring the first flowers in Oslo)

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