Buster and Alvin

Buster (actually Lucy Buster) and Alvin are my two wonderful bunnies. They are playful, active and very cute. They are withouy a doubt my darlings.

I`ve never wanted children, never. And growing up with animals, especially cats. I just need to have someone furry in my life. The three of us live togehter in an appartment in Oslo. And truly my life is not the same without them.

Since I have a big passion for animals I`m very aware of which cosmetics are tested on animals and not. Therefor my “Animal Testing List”! I`m a vegetarian, but I don`t believe we all should go veggie-delite. I just want the world in general to eat less meat.

Back to Buster and Alvin… They`re like the funny married couple. They`re cuddling one minute and are arguing the next. But it`s all in the name of love. They have a big cage, but like to run around the place and be free. I walk them in the park, feed them (of course!)  and holding them as my babies. All the time.

In this blog you`ll see many entries with them.

But here`s an introduction:

Lucy Buster
Gender: Female
Born: 12.08.09
From: Toensberg, Norway
Breed: Mini lop
Colour: Dark brown/black
Eyes: Brown

This was my first bunny ever, she was so cute, with her grey pows. She was 2 months when I got her, and she has been my little girl ever since. But she is without a doubt a real DIVA.

Gender: Male
Born: Autumn 09, date unknown
From: Oslo, we think
Breed: Mini lop – mix
Colour: White and brown, with spots all over him
Eyes: Dark brown

Adopted him from the animal shelter May the 6th 2010. He was found abandonded on a bus New Years Eve. But this hasn`t broken his spirit. He completely trusts humans and loves to cuddle.


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