I <3 Strawberrynet

Why do I always forget about this wonderful online shop? It`s so much cheaper and better than any of the make-up stores here in Oslo. At least cheaper. Well, I`m on fire these week when it comes to shopping. I have a lot I need, okay? 😛 Strawberrynet has almost every brand you need, but … Continue reading

Dolce & Gabbana -The One

I have a “thing” (a.k.a. problem) when it comes to perfumes.  I don`t  know how many perfumes I buy each year. Every single time (like for real) I believe I found the one. Well, they have been, for a period. Personally I think we all should have 3-5 different scents. There is a difference when it`s daytime and … Continue reading

My “Animal testing list”

As some of you might have noticed I have a page on the menu called “Animal Testing List”. Well, there`s no secret I`ve been inspired by other bloggers (mentioned on the page) and wanted to make my own list, since they`ve not included all the brands. 🙂 I have taken many cosmetic brands on my … Continue reading

By Lauren Luke -Amazing and cheap make-up!

Lauren Luke is almost like this decades Cinderella, a self-taught make-up artist and a single mum. She startet with a passion for make up, and startet to upload tutorials on youtube. After beeing a massive hit on the web, she was offered a fantastic deal and started her own make-up line called “By Lauren Luke”, and … Continue reading

J`Adore Dior

I don`t buy any of the cosmetics from Dior anymore, not until they stop testing on animals. So I`ll guess I am a hypocrite for having the accessorize. But… it`s so pretty… 😦 Look at my new beautiful purse, I just had to take a picture of it next to my Dior sunglasses. ❤

Oslo Fashion Week 2010

All in all, so far 2010 has been a blessing in many ways. I`ve been invited to so many fun events. Yeah believe it or not, little Oslo have bits of glamour at times. Wiii! Anyways, it started early in February when I was invited to the promo-party H&M had in cooperation with their Sonia … Continue reading

Drink yourself more beautiful!

Sappé Beauti Drink is appearently the latest “thing” in water fashion, if there is such a thing. Voss is like so yesterday. They finally made it to Norway (not Voss -that`s norwegian, doooh!), the bottles are so beautiful and the water taste good, as well as they`ll good for you and your skin. Win-win situation! … Continue reading