Denmark vs. Norway -and me singing at the match

I`ve been asked to sing at the Europeans Nation cup october 16th, because there will be a rugby match between Norway and Denmark here in Oslo. I haven`t shared it yet because there was details we needed to get in order first. There still are some, but yeah! I was asked to sing the danish … Continue reading

Carmen 2010 -In Photos

Carmen 2010 is now history, but boy it was very fun! The piece ws held at the old opera house in Oslo, now called “Folketeateret” which primarally shows musicals. 🙂 Can`t wait to see it on DVD. 🙂

New Video

First time I uploaded this video I included the vocal parts as well. But because of terrible sound and noise I just added the instrumental parts from the Gudinne 2010 -show. It was a very fun mini-concert indeed. Therefor, it`s sad we can`t hear all the vocal bits. Still, the dancers and place was GREAT! … Continue reading

Carmen -Premiere is coming up!

Now it`s soon time for the premiere of “Carmen” that`ll will be at the old operahouse in Oslo, Folketeateret. September the 3rd, 5th and 7th are the dates. And I would love to see some familiar faces. Well, I won`t be able to see them while I`m on stage, but after the show. 🙂 To … Continue reading