What to see in Oslo -The Highlights

Want to see the capital in Norway? Well, Oslo is to many tourists a “little” town (read american tourist). But of course it is little when you compare it to cities like New York, Sydney etc. Oslo has an old history, but you need to go to the right places to get the full Oslo-experience. I`ve lived … Continue reading

I introduce to you all: Norway!

Last-last week my dad and stepmum came to visit me from Denmark. As always, we wanted to do something special. And this time we went to Vestfold (where my mum lives), but before we visited any of my norwegian family, we visited the “end of the world”. In Tjoeme there is a place called “Verdens … Continue reading

Artwork by Kjersti Mortsensen

I`m so lucky to have some of my friends Kjersti`s artwork. She is very creative, imagenery and talented. When I moved (in February) her posters were the first things that I had to nail to my walls. Isn`t it good?