The Prince of Persia

Jake Gyllenhaal has never been my cop of tea, but helluuuuu. When I so the poster last year of him as the prince of Persia I suddenly changed my mind. 😛 I`ve played “The Prince of Persia” many times, it`s so fun. And I think the digital character jumping all over the screen was hot. Jupe. … Continue reading

Agora (2009)

I loved the idea of Agora. Since I have a B.A. in History of Art, and been studying Archeology, I love the ancient world. Roman, greek and most of all egyptian. Therefor, I loved the storyline to Agora. to bad I fell a sleep… The plot: It`s set in Alexandria, Egypt. 391 A.D. -Roman Egypt. … Continue reading

Audrey Hepburn -At Movie Night

I love watching the old classics, especially Elizabeth Taylor`s movies. But for the last year I`ve enjoyed Audrey more and more. Of course I have seen “Breakfast at Tiffany`s”, but Sabrina etc I`ve never watched, unntil a couple of months ago. I simply love them, do you have any favourite classics?