Sarah Brightman on America`s got talent

To make the song even more special the talented little girl got Sarah Brightman on her side while singing “Time to say goodbye”. I`m almost jealous, but like at that wonderful little girl! Advertisements

Sarah Brightman – Shall be Done

Okay, Sarah Brightman is my favourite artist. Ever. No question about it. I most write a article about my love for her soon. But untill then, watch this cute and lovely commercial-video she did for Panasonic. Love the forrest and magic!

Review: Enrique Iglesias -Euphoria

As you may know if you just scroll a little bit down this blog, I really love, love, love “I like it” by Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. Euphoria was an album I wanted to love just as much, but sadly the best song is “I like it” the rest of the album is a downer. … Continue reading

I like it -Enrique Iglesias

This summer Cee-lo`s “Language of Love” has been my personal favourite on spotify, and now it looks like the next big hit will be “I like it” by Enrique Iglesias. What more can I say, except for the fact that I like it. Really like it. It`s catchy, fun and I feel like dancing. And … Continue reading

Edith Piaf -Carmen`s Story

In these Carmen times, the director recommended this song by Miss Piaf as inspiration for us. And I just simply love it! I have a couple of albums by Piaf, but have never heard this one before.  I just have to share it, I`m probably not the only one who hasn`t heard it. The intensity and … Continue reading

Marie Antoinette -I Vow To Thee My Country

Okay, it`s not a new song or a fantastic video, but it`s me, and we need to believe in ourselfs, right? Here I am, soon my performance from May will be added on Youtube as well. Exciting times. 😀