Baby bunnies -I want them all

I always run to the different pet shops, to buy food to Alvin and Buster (OF COURSE), but also to look at the cuuuuuute baby bunnies. You have no idea how much I want them all. It doesn`t help to look at all the pretty pictures at the Two is enough, right? Advertisements

Happy Bunday!

Some videos to show you`ll that bunnies are the cutest animals in the world. 😛  

Buster`s story

Hello! Well, now you`ve heard from my husband Alvin. He thought it would be a good idea if i let mum intrduce me as well. I`m Lucy Buster, but people call me Buster. Yes, I KNOW it`s guys name. I didn`t name me, mother did. Both my names are from songs me mum likes. Lucy … Continue reading

Walking the bunnies

Yes, at times I bring my friends over for a walk in the park with the bunnies. Doing it alone can be difficult since Alvin just wanna sit and glace into the air, while Buster wants to jump around. She looks like a rabbit with her ears straight up and wild look. She`s so cool. … Continue reading

Alvin Speaks Out

Hi! I`m Alvin. My mother is typing this for me, because I want all of you to get to know the real me.  It`s time for me to speak  and get things straighten out. Once and for all. The two best things I like to do, is sleep and eat. It probably would be three … Continue reading

Wireless homes, please let it be a reality ASAP!

Bunny + wire = two wires. I love my bunnies, but sometimes when they bit all my cords I get a little mad. This one was on my coach for, hmm, let`s see, 2 seconds! And then my beloved Alvin jumps up and *snap* it`s dead. I need it to charge my phone, but “whateva`” … Continue reading