Denmark vs. Norway -and me singing at the match

I`ve been asked to sing at the Europeans Nation cup october 16th, because there will be a rugby match between Norway and Denmark here in Oslo. I haven`t shared it yet because there was details we needed to get in order first. There still are some, but yeah! I was asked to sing the danish … Continue reading

I`m pleading for comments

I know you`re out there. I see it on my stats! I know this isn`t a blog with a exciting theme ro anything. Like food, fashion or music. It`s just little me, and my life & thoughts. But still, people are reading this blog. Thanks by the way!:D Some of the biggest ways to please … Continue reading

Marie Antoinette -The Magazine

In every once aand a while I like to google my name. Not my whole name, just the “Marie Antoinette” -part. I just want to see what I`ll find and if there`s something I should know about my name. And yesterday I did. I had no freaking idea, but there is (was?) a magazine called “Marie Antoinette”, hah! … Continue reading

Dolce & Gabbana -The One

I have a “thing” (a.k.a. problem) when it comes to perfumes.  I don`t  know how many perfumes I buy each year. Every single time (like for real) I believe I found the one. Well, they have been, for a period. Personally I think we all should have 3-5 different scents. There is a difference when it`s daytime and … Continue reading

Sarah Brightman – Shall be Done

Okay, Sarah Brightman is my favourite artist. Ever. No question about it. I most write a article about my love for her soon. But untill then, watch this cute and lovely commercial-video she did for Panasonic. Love the forrest and magic!

My “Animal testing list”

As some of you might have noticed I have a page on the menu called “Animal Testing List”. Well, there`s no secret I`ve been inspired by other bloggers (mentioned on the page) and wanted to make my own list, since they`ve not included all the brands. 🙂 I have taken many cosmetic brands on my … Continue reading

Happy Bunday!

Some videos to show you`ll that bunnies are the cutest animals in the world. 😛  

By Lauren Luke -Amazing and cheap make-up!

Lauren Luke is almost like this decades Cinderella, a self-taught make-up artist and a single mum. She startet with a passion for make up, and startet to upload tutorials on youtube. After beeing a massive hit on the web, she was offered a fantastic deal and started her own make-up line called “By Lauren Luke”, and … Continue reading

Carmen 2010 -In Photos

Carmen 2010 is now history, but boy it was very fun! The piece ws held at the old opera house in Oslo, now called “Folketeateret” which primarally shows musicals. 🙂 Can`t wait to see it on DVD. 🙂

New Video

First time I uploaded this video I included the vocal parts as well. But because of terrible sound and noise I just added the instrumental parts from the Gudinne 2010 -show. It was a very fun mini-concert indeed. Therefor, it`s sad we can`t hear all the vocal bits. Still, the dancers and place was GREAT! … Continue reading