My “Animal testing list”

As some of you might have noticed I have a page on the menu called “Animal Testing List”. Well, there`s no secret I`ve been inspired by other bloggers (mentioned on the page) and wanted to make my own list, since they`ve not included all the brands. 🙂

I have taken many cosmetic brands on my list from PETA, but are now questioning and finding brands I like (or not) by myself.

I find it really important to inform people about products that are tested on animals. Why we still do that is to my knowledge unbelievable.

We should all know what the brands are doing to other creatures, there`s no excuse for bying a mascara from Dior. Even though you might like it. Seriously!? Think about those innocent mice, rabbit and dogs that gotall sorts of stuff in their eyes beacuse of that lousy mascara.

I believe in a world where all creatures are treated with dignity and respect. Don`t you?

The happy bunnies


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