I`m pleading for comments

I know you`re out there. I see it on my stats! I know this isn`t a blog with a exciting theme ro anything. Like food, fashion or music. It`s just little me, and my life & thoughts. But still, people are reading this blog. Thanks by the way!:D Some of the biggest ways to please … Continue reading

Marie Antoinette -The Magazine

In every once aand a while I like to google my name. Not my whole name, just the “Marie Antoinette” -part. I just want to see what I`ll find and if there`s something I should know about my name. And yesterday I did. I had no freaking idea, but there is (was?) a magazine called “Marie Antoinette”, hah! … Continue reading

Thoughts about Carmen -Premiere Tonight!

Since today is the premiere of Carmen I really wanted to share some of my toughts of why I wanted to be in it this opera. I can`t hide the fact that especially the last weeks have been tough. But it has all been worth it. And today, well today we will perform it infront … Continue reading


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Time for a Change, WP -I`m back!

I`ve started one of my first blogs at WP. But after a short while I decided to start a new blog at one of Norways biggest blog-hosts. I`ve realised now that I  don`t really like it there… and I miss writing in english. It`s anoying that all the teens always wanted to be friends with me so … Continue reading