LUV IT: iPhone

Finally. Well, I say “finally” like it`s something I`ve wanted for years. Maybe not for years, but for the last 6 months I`ve wanted it. I bought a touchscreen from Nokia. And it`s perfectly fine, but hala´! iPhone rules. And it`s mine, my own, my precious. There`s all sorts of stuff this phone can do. Even … Continue reading

LUV IT! Charlie the unicorn

  I just love the youtube-hit “Charlie the unicorn”, it`s funny, stupid and sarcastic all at the same time. Who can not love this negative horse? People without humour I suppose. 😛      

LUV IT! Chocolate from Ultra

Like most people on this planet earth called Tellus, i love chocolate. Like, love-love. For real. Oh yeah. So I visted the big store “Ultra” in Oslo a couple of hours ago, and guess what I found! A chocolate counter! With delicious and exclussive chocolates, in all the combinations and colours you can imagine -almost. … Continue reading

Things I didn`t know I needed

When you want to have strawberry in a salad or on a cake, or whatever. Do you really wanna use your preciuos time on cutting those red, little berries? Well, I don`t.  So I bought this, my life is completely changed. Hurray! Strawberry-cutter in all it`s GLORY ❤ Put 1 piece of strawberry inside the … Continue reading

Luv it! Dry Shampoo

Okay, some days I`m lazy. Like laziest person ever. I can`t even be bothered with washing my hair. So when people started talking about how amazing dry shampoo was I had to try it. And it`s brilliant, for real! Be sure to keep it on a nice distance because when you press the button “PSSSSSSSSSSH”, … Continue reading