Dolce & Gabbana -The One

I have a “thing” (a.k.a. problem) when it comes to perfumes.  I don`t  know how many perfumes I buy each year. Every single time (like for real) I believe I found the one. Well, they have been, for a period. Personally I think we all should have 3-5 different scents. There is a difference when it`s daytime and … Continue reading

By Lauren Luke -Amazing and cheap make-up!

Lauren Luke is almost like this decades Cinderella, a self-taught make-up artist and a single mum. She startet with a passion for make up, and startet to upload tutorials on youtube. After beeing a massive hit on the web, she was offered a fantastic deal and started her own make-up line called “By Lauren Luke”, and … Continue reading

Gudinne Studio -Magic is Created

My friend Anniken Valstad has a perfect little studio in Oslo, called Gudinne Studio. Together we have taken so many great and amazing photos. Here are the “highlights”, some of pics have been used for online magazines, and in stores in Oslo. Fun, fun, fun!

J`Adore Dior

I don`t buy any of the cosmetics from Dior anymore, not until they stop testing on animals. So I`ll guess I am a hypocrite for having the accessorize. But… it`s so pretty… 😦 Look at my new beautiful purse, I just had to take a picture of it next to my Dior sunglasses. ❤

Fashion Icon: Dita von Teese

The worlds most famous fashonista is not the one seeking the new trends, but takes inspiration from the past.